New custom silicon, new developer workflow

Those new M1 MacBook Pros are pretty shiny, right? They’re loaded with a ton of new features and efficiency improvements. They run circles around the last generation of machines and show some pretty impressive performance numbers (thanks to Dario Radečić for the benchmarks).

What about the big elephant in the…

Simple yet remarkably efficient options for a happier terminal experience

iTerm2 is arguably the best terminal emulator for macOS. You get a sleek, efficient, and not to mention free development platform. The iTerm2 feature set rivals that of many other paid options.

Robust hotkey configurations, endless split-pane layouts, and colorized tabs are just a few of the endless features available.

Tate Galbraith

Software Engineer @mixhalo & die-hard Rubyist. Amateur Radio operator with a love for old technology. Tweet at me:

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