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Not every programmer is a designer. In fact, a lot of great engineers are lost when it comes to effective user interface design. Specialization can be a good thing, despite the recent trend of “full-stackifying” every single developer role. Being really good at writing server code and dealing with the specific problem set to solve in that realm is important, and shouldn’t necessarily translate to the frontend. So, what if you fall into this category but you need a quick GUI?

If you’re prototyping a new application that would benefit from a basic UI bolted on, it might feel like your options are limited. In some cases it feels like you either have to build the entire thing from scratch or get someone else to do it (which might not be an option at all). In the world of Python your options are more than just binary. The Python community has a world of drag-and-drop and low-code UI editors that you can build fully functioning graphical user interfaces with. …


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